Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Keeler made me excited for a new car again"

I have no complaints whatsoever about my experience at Keeler Honda.  I have bought 3 cars in my life and 2 of them have been at Keeler.   I would like to thank your staff especially Wendy Darling for pulling me out of the hell that was my most recent car buying experience.  I was between 2 different brands of cars and the dealerships of the other brand of cars were pushy and for the lack of a better word slimey.  I left those dealerships feeling deflated and with a bad feeling.   It got to the point where I was no longer excited to buy a new car.

When Wendy fit me into her busy schedule last Thursday, I felt refreshed.  I tried the other brand again and the experience was worse.  At that point I not only did I  know I was going to buy a Honda CRV, but I was going to buy it from Wendy at Keeler Honda. Wendy, who was recommended to me by Jim O'Donnell, who sold me my first Honda, was amazing, and not pushy.  She gave me all the information about the CRV and how it measured up with the Escape.  Wendy and Keeler made me excited for a new car again.

Thank you all so much,
2 time Keeler Honda customer

"Totally pleased"

I wanted to share that I had a great experience at your dealership.  I really enjoyed working with Ken Hughes.  He was a total pro and really delivered me a great product and offer.  It was very apparent how much he believed in the product he sells.  I am in sales and I was really compelled to purchase from him based on his level of expertise and confidence he had in your product.  I tied up a lot of time working with him and Mike and I really appreciate the deal we were able to reach.  It was a hard switch for me to move away from Acura as I loved their vehicles but, I am totally pleased with the Accord Touring so far!

"I will definitely be recommending this dealership"

I just wanted to say I was VERY pleased with the customer service I received at Keeler Honda and both the salesperson who took care of me and everyone else involved with the financial department. I've been car searching for about a month and not only did this dealership have the best customer service, you also managed to find me a car within my budget and even lower. I will definitely be recommending this dealership.

"Keeler Honda is the place to shop"

I would like to extend my gratitude towards you and the rest of the sales team Kate and I encountered at your dealership.  Honestly, Kate and  I had no intention of buying the Fit this past Saturday, we just stopped in to inquire about pricing.  Kudos to Joe however, who went above and beyond the call of sales-man-ship when he left to go and pick up a vehicle that my wife and I decided to not get.  Overall, the service was worth 5 stars across the board and it would be my pleasure to recommend anyone seeking to buy a great vehicle, that Keeler Honda is the place to shop.


"The Keeler Honda Family"

Since 2000 our family (me, my wife and two sons) have either purchased or leased 13 vehicles from Keeler Motor Car Company. It seems with each successive transaction the purchase process gets simpler and easier.This month I traded up (lease) from my 2011 Accord Coupe to a 2013 Accord Coupe. My lease on the 2011 wasn't up until next year but I liked what I saw in the new model and decided to go early. I really do like this new vehicle. For the price point Honda vehicles are almost impossible to beat.

Since my usual sales person was on vacation I dealt directly with your New Car Sales Manager, Patrick Ryan. I must say I was very impressed with this young man. He rolled out the red carpet for me. He was very pleasant to deal with, very personable and understanding, willing to negotiate a fair and reasonable monthly payment and attentive to all of my concerns and requests.

I also have praise for your Sales and Leasing Consultant, Dave Layman, and Finance Manager, Joe Nolette, who were also pleasant and thorough with their respective parts of the delivery.

And lastly, praise for Ken Hughes, who originally assisted me while I was considering this trade up and who has been with my family for every step of this 14 year journey.

The fact is clear. The Parrella family "gets it" that the Keeler Motor Car Company is the best place to go when in the market for a Honda. What remains unclear is the following question: does the rest of our regional customer base really know what they are missing if they shop elsewhere.

HATS OFF to the above mentioned individuals and the rest of the Keeler Team as well.

Best regards,

"Our experience was excellent!"

Our experience with Keeler Honda was excellent!  No matter who I've dealt with in the past has been awesome. This time, Wendy assisted us and my daughter and I loved her! I just got an email from my daughter this morning telling me how much she loved her new car. I am also loving my CRV.

Thanks for the email and I hope you have a wonderful day!

"By far the easiest deal that I ever made"

I would just like to thank you again for helping me in getting a new Honda CR-V.  I have been buying Honda's from Keeler since 1979 and this was by far the easiest deal that I ever made.  I would also like to thank you for having me work with Paul as he was not only very knowledgeable about the car, but also very helpful in getting all of the electronics set up.  What was even more important to me was that after the sale was made and I came back with a few questions he was just as friendly and helpful as before which has not always my experience from the past.

I will continue to tell all of my friends and colleagues about my great experience with purchasing this car from Keeler and of course what a fantastic service department you have to maintain it.

Thanks again.

"Extremely Knowledgeable and Helpful"

We have owned an Odyssey since 2002, which we bought from Keeler.  You have a very professional staff at Keeler, and we have always felt very pleased with our interaction.  Ken Hughes has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  We have only good things to say about our experience.

"Keeler Honda Parts Department"

 Yesterday I had a backup camera installed on my 2012 Honda Civic EXL. My contact from the start, dealing with Mike in parts, has been exceptional. I had the pleasure of working with Matt yesterday and today. He is personable, and professional. Both Matt and especially, Mike have gone above and beyond to make my experience with Keeler an exceptional one. Thank you for hiring such knowledgeable and personable employees. Please be sure to share these comments with them. Thank you once again.

"My next vehicle is definitely coming from you"

Hi Wendy,

First of all, I am SOOO impressed with your communication. You are the first person that I have bought a car from who has ever had communication with me after I have made a purchase. That speaks so much of both you and the whole Keeler Corporation. Everything is good as of right now. We had a minor issue with the rear hatch. the electronic button stopped working and has been replaced. I have since had that problem resolved. I can't tell you how impressed I am with my Saturn Outlook. I have had many people ask me about it. I LOVE it!! Please know that I have spoken very highly of Keeler and have mentioned your name. I have been trying to send business your way. My next vehicle is definitely coming from you.
Hope all is well with you.

"Keeler Honda Service - quick, easy and pretty spectacular"

My Honda, although approaching 14 years old, works phenomenally. But because of its age I get really anxious on the rare occasion something goes awry. On Friday I went to heat it up before heading to work and it was fine, I went back to it ten minutes later and pretty much all my dash warning lights were on/flashing. I carpooled to work instead of risking it breaking down on me. When I got home later that day, I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't start. I assumed maybe I had a dead battery, but that didn't quite make sense to me since I had been able to start it just fine earlier that morning. So knowing I was going to have to involve a mechanic, I was little anxious and very apprehensiveness because I've personally never had to before.

After attempting to jump-start my car in what took a good 40 minutes, I carefully though quickly drove it to the nearest repair shop before my electrical system could fail again. Keeler Honda happened to be that shop.

I didn't know the protocol or where exactly to go and I didn't make an appointment, so I just walked in and was greeted instantly by a salesman. I told him my car needed to be seen and he directed me right to the shop, telling me how to pull into it, what to say/who to talk to, and assuring me that the place was heated (it was really cold out!). I did just that and didn't even have to wait to be seen!

My mechanic, Steve, was great. I felt very comfortable leaving my car with him. He told me he'd test the electrical system and if it was in fact just a dead battery, he'd go ahead and fix it for me that night after quoting the price. If there was a different or another problem, he said he'd call me before doing anything. A few hours later he called and said after the tests, he determined it wasn't the battery--it was the alternator! Which is what I was beginning to suspect through online research anyway. He quoted me the price and I gave him the go ahead to fix it. The very next day he called and told me it was all fixed, tested, battery re-charged, and ready to go!

I went to pick up my car a few hours later, thanking Steve for his help again. He assured me everything checked out once again. I was certainly glad to hear it. And furthermore to my surprise, they also washed my car! It had gotten very dirty and white-streaked because of the recent winter-weather roads, but it was all clean when I got it back. This girl's certainly a happy customer!

I'm not really sure what competitors charge for the same service, but I think the pricing was fair. I was happy to pay regardless because of the experience in general. I'm new to the area, but Keeler Honda is most likely where I'll continue to go with my Honda. It was quick, easy, and pretty spectacular.

"Our Experience at Keeler Honda"

I had to drop you a line to let you know how happy my wife Dolores and I were with our experience with your dealership. First of all kudos to Wendy Darling who was recommended to me by a.friend and she was an absolute pleasure dealing with throughout the negotiation and delivery process and with you for setting my mind at ease and finding the right vehicle for us during the process. I have already recommended Wendy to a long time friend and I am sure she will handle his transaction as professional and seamless as mine..I look forward to.meeting you soon and doing future.business with Keeler Honda.

"Keeler Honda and Joe Nolette"

Mr. Keeler,

Ellen and myself came into your dealership on Saturday with the intention of just beginning our search for a replacement vehicle. We met Joe Nolette and immediately notice his calm demeanor and great eye contact. We asked to test drive a 2011 Accord wihich he promply arranged. Feeling comfortable with Joe I leveled with him that I was not prepared to buy since this was my first dealership and truth be known to us only, we got a great deal four years earlier at another local Honda dealership.

Joe came up with some initial numbers that I thought were interesting but would not close the deal for me. He saw our hesitation and worked with Nick to come up with what I considered an "offer I couldn't refuse" using Honda Finance and additional incentives.

Upon picking up the car yesterday Joe continued to proudly speak of the Keeler Honda dealership and also their service department. Because of his sincerity and approach we decided to switch to your establishment for future service. This is a domino effect since we are a family of five Honda owners!

I thank Keeler Honda for a fair shake and I commend you on the skill and tact Joe Nolette shows to first time visitors, who will spread the word and be back!!

Well Done,
Tom & Ellen

Tom & Ellen

"Service at Keeler Honda is phenomenal"

Love the CR-V and everyone is loving the color!  I have to tell you, the service at Keeler Honda is phenomenal - I have been to a few dealerships in my day and never was treated as well as you all have treated me!
Just the phone calls and emails show the care factor and that is really what it comes down too.  Price of course is a given but it's how you treat people that will make you ultimately successful!  I will be sure to give you both the highest of scores and will refer you both in the future to anyone looking for a Honda.
Thanks again,

"The most knowledgeable"

I've been car shoping for several weeks now and have recently helped two friends purchase new cars.  The process has been very stressful and dealing with the salespeople at other local dealerships was generally a displeasure.  Ken Hughes, however, was by FAR the most knowledgeable and friendly.  He knew that the model I was interested in wasn't available and didn't try to push me into considering another car.  I plan to recommend Ken and your dealership to family & friends looking to purchase Honda's in the future.

"Good Honda Service Experience"

I wanted to give you positive feedback on my Honda service experience.  I brought in my daughter's Accord to have two leaking tires inspected.  Matt wrote up the service order and we discussed possible options, including wire brushing the rims for a better bead contact, new tires, etc.  I assumed the car needed new tires, but when I next saw Matt, your Keeler Honda Service Advisor, he explained that all four tires had sufficient tread, the two rims, after brushing, held the pressure, and one of the other wheels needed a new internal valve stem.  So, the bottom line was that Matt and your Keeler Honda Service Team solved the problem at the least cost, with accurate information and courtesy.  Thank you!
Ben S.

"Joe Nolette - pleasure to deal with!"

When I met Joe Nolette, I told him that I was not just shopping for a car, but for a dealership.  I DO NOT like to be hassled or pushed.  He listened to me.  I purchased a CR-V today from him...and a dealership.  Please thank him for respecting me.  I will certainly pass the word along that he is a pleasure to deal with.


"So glad I switched to Honda"

Dear Sir,
I brought my Honda CRV to Keeler Honda for some new tires.  I knew it needed a 30,000 mile tune up but was unsure I could afford to do it all at this time.  I have always serviced my car at the dealership and have never missed any scheduled maintenance.

My Service Advisor was Nick Franzese.  He was so kind and attentive.  He assisted me and I was able to get the new tires and do the 30,000 tune-up. 

I have always received wonderful service from your dealership since I purchased my car there - this is my first Honda.  I love my car and love your dealership!

I just wanted to write a note to let you know how grateful I am to Nick for all his assistance.  I am so glad I switched to Honda.
Thank you very much.

"Keeler Honda"

Recently, my fiance and I visited your Keeler Honda dealership in Albany, NY.  We were currently in a Honda Accord which we had leased in June 2008.  the service we received with that purchase is what made us return for this one.  Finding our vehicle needs had changed, we stopped in to see what our options were.  We were taken care of again by Tom Fenton.  He was absolutely no pressure, no non-sense and extremely friendly.  He did a great job at helping us to get into a Civic in a timely and no stress manor.  Thank you to all the sales and service team at Keeler Honda.  You truly make the vehicle purchase a pleasure.

"Keeler Honda Service"

Dear Sandy,
Just a brief note to your Honda Service Department, went out of its way to stay late and help me get my car on the road cheerfully and professionally.  Please pass this on to your staff.



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