Keeler Honda provides this information on Honda Sensing® Safety Features. We serve areas near Latham, Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, and Clifton Park, NY.

When you're out on the road it's hard to keep track of all potential hazards and distractions. There are so many different things happening on the road in addition to the actual driving of your vehicle. At Keeler Honda, we are committed to providing our customers with the safest possible vehicle options. As such we have a number of vehicles with the Honda Sensing® system of Safety Features which helps drivers stay out of accidents and gives an extra set of eyes for potential hazards. So, What is Honda Sensing® and which vehicles have it?

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American Honda Motor Car Co., Inc. Defines Honda Sensing® & What Models Have It

According to Honda: Honda Sensing® is a "new suite of driver-assisted technologies (which) can help you sense things you might miss while driving. In some cases, they can even help you avoid a collision or mitigate its severity."

Honda Models Currently Featuring Honda Sensing®

  • 2017               Honda Accord
  • 2017 - 2018   Honda Civic
  • 2017               Honda CR-V
  • 2018               Honda Fit
  • 2018               Honda HR-V
  • 2017 - 2018   Honda Odyssey
  • 2017               Honda Pilot
  • 2018               Honda Ridgeline

Honda Sensing® Is Comprised Of Four Separate Safety System Technologies

Honda Sensing® is made up of four different systems that work together to give drivers a more complete and safe driving experience. The individual elements of Honda Sensing® include Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Collision Mitigation Braking System. In order to give Keeler Honda customers a better idea of how Honda Sensing® works and instill owner confidence, we are going to explain each portion in fairly simple terms.

Lane Keeping Assist - Honda Safety System Technology - Part of Honda Sensing®

Lane Keeping Assist is a very straightforward idea. The system uses a camera mounted behind the rear view mirror of equipped Honda vehicles. From there, the camera reads markings on the road including painted lines, installed dots and cat's eyes to determine the vehicle's position. If the Lake Keeping Assist system senses that you are veering out of your lane without a turn signal engaged, a series of warnings will begin. If you don't straighten back out and get back in your lane, the system will start to apply the brakes. Bear in mind that this isn't going be a "cover-all" solution, but it will certainly help when out on particularly long drives.

Adaptive Cruise Control - Honda Safety System Technology - Honda Sensing®

When traveling on the highway way, one of the most important things a driver must do is maintain a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle ahead. When using cruise control on longer trips, traffic ahead of you slowing or speeding makes it hard to use the cruise control feature with any amount of ease as you have to constantly adjust your speed accordingly. Adaptive Cruise Control has been developed to remove some of the hassle and stress of constant speed shifts. Adaptive Cruise Control is by no means a "safety feature" as it will not bring you to a full stop should the car ahead of you stop short, but it will apply light breaks when a slight speed change occurs. You will still need to remain vigilant in the event of unexpected stops.

Forward Collision Warning - Honda Safety System Technology - Honda Sensing®

You might be an excellent driver, but your excellent driving doesn't stop the drivers around you from driving recklessly. Fortunately, the Forward Collision Warning from Honda Sensing® there to provide an extra set of eyes keeping a look out for potential hazards. Information fed into Forward Collision Warning starts with the same camera used for Lane Keeping Assist. At speed, if the vehicle senses there is a possibility that a collision will occur, a series of warning will sound. There is yet another layer of capability to be had with Forward Collision Warning, if the driver fails to promptly take action, the vehicle will automatically apply brake pressure.

Collision Mitigation Braking System - Honda Safety System Technology - Honda Sensing®

Out of the features available through Honda Sensing®, Collision Mitigation Braking System is definitely the heavy hitter, so to speak. This system provides the other systems of Honda Sensing® an additional safety net by helping the vehicle to autonomously lower speed. Collision Mitigation Braking uses the camera behind the rearview mirror and an on-board millimeter wave radar sensor to determine the distance from the front of the vehicle to traffic ahead. The system has a max range of a little more than 100 yards and uses a progression of steps to do its best to prevent a collision. The system is designed to apply the brakes to create separation, if the situation presents itself where a collision cannot be avoided, Collision Mitigation Braking will work to lessen the impact as much as possible.

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*Despite the capabilities of Honda Sensing, the driver remains responsible for safely operating the vehicle and avoiding collisions.