Keeler Honda "Common Sense" Maintenance Packages

"A Service" - Here's What We Do

  • We replace your engine oil and filter. We inspect your front suspension, driveline & steering components. We inspect your exhaust system and fuel system for leaks and/or damage. We will also refill your windshield washer solvent
  • We rotate and inspect your tires and set your tire pressures to their correct inflation. We inspect all 4 brakes for wear and/or damage
  • We perform a multi-point visual inspection

"B Service" - Here's What We Do in addition to the A Service above*

  • We replace your wiper inserts
  • We replace your air filter element
  • We replace your cabin air filter (pollen filter) - if so equipped
  • We service your brakes by removing the calipers (calipers apply the brake pads to the brake rotors), cleaning and lubing the slider pins and mountings for best brake application
  • We road test your vehicle

Here's What We Do At Approximately 30K/60K/90K/120K/180K/210K/240K Miles in addition to the A & B Services above*

  • We service your battery posts & cables, and test your battery & charging system output
  • We replace your brake fluid (or every 3 years)
  • We perform a cooling system service (about every 60,000 miles, also 120K, 180K, 240K)
  • We perform an automatic transmission service & transfer case service (if so equipped) (about every 60,000 miles, also 120K, 180K, 240K)
  • We perform a rear differential service (4-wheel drive only)

Here's What We Do At Approximately 90K/180K/270K Miles in addition to the A, B Services above*

  • We replace your serpentine belt(s)
  • We replace your spark plugs (every 30,000 miles if standard plugs)
  • We adjust your valves for optimal performance
  • We replace your timing belt, your water pump and tensioner (if so equipped)
*There may be other services that your vehicle might recommend through your Honda Maintenance Light System. We will show you/advise you if these come up

Here's Why We Do It...

A Package includes...
  • Experts agree that changing your engine oil & filter regularly causes your engine to last longer and maximizes the value in your investment. Clean oil also increases your fuel economy (+2% - +3%)*
  • We inspect your steering and suspension hardware to be sure your vehicle handles and steers safely. We top off your washer solvent.
  • Your front tires do 100% of your steering and the majority of the stopping on your vehicle. Your normal driving causes uneven wear on the outside edges of your front tires (called the shoulder). We also properly inflate those tires to give you optimum ride, handling, braking and fuel economy (up to +5%)*
  • We perform a multi-point visual inspection to inspect your externally visible components for wear or damage including lights and horn so that you can see and be seen, drive belts and hoses so that you aren't stranded by a failure, seals, fuel system, exhaust system, tires & brakes
B Package also includes A Package...
  • We replace your wiper blades for maximum vision in bad weather conditions
  • We replace your air filter to be sure you receive optimum fuel economy (up to +10%), performance and emissions*
  • We replace your cabin air filter to be sure that it is removing the maximum amount of dust particles, pollen, and allergens that can enter into the vehicle's cabin
  • We service your brake calipers to insure your safe braking after winter corrosion from salt and sand
  • We road test your vehicle to check for any unusual noises or driving issues that would not be discovered simply sitting still or on a lift
At approximately 60,000 miles - also includes A & B Packages...
  • We service your battery connections so that you can get a full charge into and out of your battery for easier starting and proper computer functions, and test your charging system
  • We replace your brake fluid because brake fluid absorbs water through condensation; this can form rust in your brake system and cause costly repairs and/or brake system failure
  • We replace your engine coolant every 60,000 miles for proper engine oil and transmission fluid cooling
  • We service your transmission and transfer case fluid every 60,000 miles for optimum lubrication. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to inconvenient and costly repairs
  • We replace the differential fluid to prevent damage to these expensive components (4-wheel drive only)
At approximately 90,000 miles - also includes A & B Packages...
  • We replace your Serpentine Belt to ensure dependability. When your Serpentine Belt breaks, it will disable your vehicle and probably leave you stranded, and can cause other under-hood damage
  • We replace your Spark Plugs to ensure the highest fuel economy (up to +30% improvement), the best performance, and the lowest emissions*
  • We adjust your valves for optimal engine performance
  • We replace your Timing Belt (if so equipped), water pump & tensioner. This rubber composite belt deteriorates over time and usage. It is best replaced at this mileage interval to eliminate the possibility of expensive repairs and inconvenient breakdowns along with the pump & tensioner
  • * According to the Department of Energy,
Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures proper performance of your vehicle, protects your investment and increases Resale Value from 5% - 12%, improves fuel economy up to 30%*, maintains warranty and/or service contract enforcement, and is much more convenient and much less expensive than breakdowns


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